Causes of Foundation Problems  

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Causes of Foundation Problems
Excess rainfall can cause erosion and cause the soil under your home to become to moist.  This may cause your house to shift if too moist for a long period of time.  

Hot & Dry Climate

Poor Drainage
Gutter Down Spout
If your gutters are improperly installed and do not have the proper drainage, this can lead to non-uniform foundation movements.
A/C Unit Condensation

Poor Soil Conditions
-Too Dry
-Too Moist
-Poor Compaction

-Over Watering
-Planting & Flower Beds
-Retaining Walls

Plumbing Leaks
Water from leaking pipes saturates the soil beneath the home causing the soil to errode.  
Sprinkler Valves

Inferior Construction
Homes that were built improperly or on poorly compacted soil

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