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Symptoms of Foundation Problems
If you live in North Texas, some of these problems you have more than likely experienced.  Unfortunately, foundation repair is part of owning a home in Texas. Foundation problems begin with the land that your home was built on.  The moisture content of the soil has changed and settling has occurred.   The following are a few warning signs that your home may have a foundation problem:

Symptoms of Foundation Problemns -Cracks on:
    -Bricks or Mortar
    -Exterior or Interior Walls

-Uneven foundation or cracks on concrete or tile floors.  

-Windows or doors that are hard to open, close, or lock.  

-Corners of siding/soffits that are not flush or are separating.

- Separating window pane from brick or trim.

-Noticeable separation of caulk from joints or frames.  

-Uneven roof line or ceiling line.  

If you are experiencing one or more of the following problems, schedule your FREE Foundation Inspection TODAY!  We will isolate the cause, address the issue, and meet all of your needs.  

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