Expansive Soil

What is Expansive Soil?

Expansive soil contains smectite clays that absorb water.  The volume increases the more water that is absorbed.  When the soil expands, it is not unlikely that it will exert enough force on a structure to cause damage. Cracked floors, walls, and foundations are among the more common types of damaged caused by expansive soil.  When significant swelling occurs, the upper floors of structure can shift and cause damage.Along with swelling, expansive soils can also shrink when the moisture dries out.  This contraction can result in loss of support from the foundation causing foundation problems as well.In North Texas alone, expansive soils are ever present and it affects millions of homes each year.  The America Society of Civil engineers estimates that ¼ of all homes in the United States have some damage caused by expansive soils.  According to Geology.com, statistics show that foundation damage causes a greater financial loss to properly owners than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.  

Could this be happening to your home?

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