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Good morning Diane, 

As the buyer's agent, I've been in the background just watching everything!you and your company have done on the foundation repair on Marilee. I want you to know I realize what an impressive job and monumental task you have accomplished by finishing the work in record time and working with the worst rainy season I can remember in years. Even if the weather is taken out of the equation, the speed in which your people did the repair would be notable. I will definitely remember you when a foundation issue comes up again, and I know it will. You're definitely on my "go to" list from now on. Thank you everyone at IFS, for your diligence and tenacity.

Best regards, Gayle

I would like to thank you for your quote on foundation repairs at my son’s house in Flower Mound.  As a side note, Diane did a great job of representing your company. She was persistent…I got a phone call or an email from her almost every day, and she was quite responsive when I had questions

.-Gary P. Dallas, TX

You guys at Integrated Foundation Solutions are incredible.  We will forever sign your praises!! In my 33 years for real estate I have never seen a foundation repair company go so over and above to ensure a job gets done for all involved. I drove by the property today late and everyone was gone and from street view you could not even tell anything had ever been done there. When wewent over earlier to let the engineer in the interior looked amazing too. We truly thank you for helping make all our jobs so much easier.

 -Anne, Dallas, TX

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…..